Will Katherine Jackson (Michael Jackson's mom) fight his ex wife Debbie Rowe for custody?

CNN reporters claim that Debbie Rowe’s parental rights were reinstated in 2006. That means that contrary to what I surmised earlier, she would be in line to get custody of at least two of the kids.
The only reason I think that Katherine Jackson, the children’s grandmother will get custody is the fact that the court has to determine what is in the children’s best interest, not who has the strongest biological link and DNA link to them. Sure Debbie is the biological mother. But by all accounts, that is her only real connection to the kids. She has not been in their lives. She has not played a maternal role in their lives. A “mother” is much more than biology. Anybody can pop out a kid. Not everyone is a mother, however.
On the other hand, it seems Katherine Jackson was trusted by her son Michael and the sentiment now is that it is his mother that he would want to care for his children in his absence. And maybe that is the right result. Because Debbie is only mother to two of the three children. That will mean that the court will have to split custody and separate the kids. Such that the youngest, “Blanket” will be with someone other than Debbie. And that hardly seems healthy for little Blanket or his older siblings.
Besides, the court will want to consider the option that lends the most stability to the children’s lives. The children seem used to their grandmother, and certainly have spent time at the Jackson Compound in Encino and are likely to be more familiar with that environment than Debbie’s place, where ever that is.
And they are Jacksons. It is fitting that they should remain in a place that would allow them to live out that legacy.
Debbie released a statement to CNN allegedly, calling the children “our children.” That may or may not have some hidden subtextual connotation. We shall find out. It could mean that she is planning to assert her parental rights. But it could also mean that she was just caught up in the moment as we all are.
At the end of the day, though, I have to say, biology is not nothing. She is the mother of two of those kids and she did fight to re-instate her parental rights. SHE IS THE PARENT for legal purposes of two of those children.
This creates a bit of a problem, I would say, if she were to mount a legal challenge for them. Notwithstanding the fact that Katherine Jackson is their loving grandmother and that she wants to keep them, more than likely, and raise them as Jacksons, at least for two of those kids, there is a big question mark: Who will the court side with? I can scarcely wait to find out. And I wouldn’t be surprised if this went all the way to the Supreme Court….but you know what? I am certain Mr. Jackson had a will that detailed exactly how he wanted this issue handled. So this is more than likely much ado about nothing.