Hey Ruth Madoff, forced to sell the marital residence? Why don’t you…

It’s worse than if she is getting divorced or if she’s been widowed. The topper insult is that Ruth will have to sell the marital residences  give the residences to the Feds who will sell them and divvy the proceeds amongst investors. It’s a glorified receivership like what happens in some divorces where the property is put under the control of a sort of guardian and are sold off to benefit either one or both spouses, or third parties.
The salient fact of the matter though, is that Ruth is a free woman. She can do whatever she wants. I suspect one of the first things she will have to do is move away from NYC. The disrespect she suffers at the hands of the press, the indignities are going to shorten her life by at least a decade. Something as banal as taking the subway gets turned into a major media circus, and the way things are now, she’s going to have to take the subway quite a bit. She can’t afford the posh life she used to have with her husband Bernie.
Call me Pollyanna but I think he caused her the biggest indignity by forcing her into such a low browed life as having to mix with the hoi polloi on, of all things, the subway. What an indignity for a woman used to being chauffeured everywhere in air conditioned cars and the like.
But divorce a ponzi scheme will do that to you. There is not a thing she can do but pack her boxes, reminisce and cry and rush out of there before the prosecutors change their minds and start interrogating her about her alleged role as the bookkeeper, according to the secretary.
If I were her, I”d make myself a really gourmet meal, just one last time, and I would sit on the floor amongst all the boxes and eat my meal and drink my wine and act as if it really isn’t what it is. It’s just like a divorce, nothing else. No big whoop. It is the sort of thing many women have to do when marriage to a rich man comes to an end. They have to pack their boxes and find new quarters which most often than not, does not turn out to be as posh as the digs they had when they had a husband.
Poor Ruth. I wonder if she gets any of the antique furniture? I wonder if she ever gets mad at him?
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