My spouse is addicted to drugs. Can I get a divorce…

Michael Jackson was allegedly addicted to prescription drugs. As are many other people in this country and around the world. It can’t be easy living with, and being married to a drug addict–whether that is street drugs or drugs prescribed by a doctor. (Michael’s friend Deepok Chopra says that a lot of Hollywood doctors are really drug dealers with medical licenses who get their clients addicted to drugs and then continue to peddle more and more potent drugs to the addicted clients. Isn’t that frightening that people with medical licenses can so abuse their discretion and get away with it?)
But for regular folks, sure, it is totally understandable if you are in a situation where your spouse is an addict of drugs of whatever provenance and you want a divorce. In New York, though, drug addiction is not a basis for a divorce. Not standing alone. You would have to hitch it on to some other factor in that ecosystem of “grounds” promulgated by the state legislature, to get out of the marriage. Like cruelty. You can allege that when your spouse is under the influence, he or she treats you cruelly and inhumanely by either verbally or physically abusing you. And then you would cite specific instances.
You can also try to get your spouse to agree to a separation agreement. If they do, then you would both sign off on the stipulation to separate for a year. Then you could convert the agreement to a divorce a year later.
In other states, you can just allege “irreconcilable differences” and get out of the marriage.