Should nanny Grace Rwaramba get custody of the Jackson kids?

This would be seriously unprecedented in my experience, this notion of the nanny getting custody of the kids. But I guess it could happen. If it is deemed to be in the children’s best interest, then almost anyone can get custody if you think about it. Worse case scenario, kids can get adopted by a perfect stranger, so why not the nanny who is reported by some to be the “only mother the children have ever known?”
Besides, I keep hearing that Debbie Rowe, the biological mother of the eldest two kids, has said that she was “artificially inseminated” with another man’s sperm (an anonymous donor) and that Michael is not the biological father of the first two kids.  I guess if she really said that, then there may be some truth to it. I am loathe to believe that is true. I mean, if he went to all the trouble of having kids, I can’t see why he wouldn’t use his own sperm. That just doesn’t make any sense to me. But the kids are on the light side. Although, there are many interracial kids who come out looking totally white or totally black or totally asian or whatever. So that is not decisive. But if the mother (who, by the way, I read today is insisting she wants nothing to do with the kids) says she was artifically inseminated “like a horse” then I guess that is what it was and I have to accept that as the truth. Wow…..I would have to hear her say it myself to believe it though….
But about the nanny. She is this woman originally from Rwanda and Deepok Chopra has said on the Huffington Post that he introduced Michael to her when she was eighteen, and that she would make a wonderful custodial parent. And there is some sentiment that given a choice, the kids would want to live with Grace, who, by the way, Michael fired last December allegedly because she tried to arrange a intervention to get him off drugs.
Right now the children are with the grandmother, Katherine Jackson, who at the tender age of 80, can’t have that many years of capacity left. I am not suggesting she is senile or in her dotage or anything. But she is eighty years old. What is coming? What is coming? Age. That is what. Age. Not the type that is conducive to raising teenagers, I don’t think. I mean, at this juncture, I can’t handle teenagers never mind an 80 year old.
I heard the children’s godfather also has thrown his hat in the ring. What’s his face?  Well, I can’t remember. But he has said he will be there 24/7 if they need him….
Whatever the rumours may be, though, I don’t think that Grace herself wants custody. Not if what her dear friend and daughter of Deepok Chopra, Mallika Chopra said is true. Mallika has gone on the record to say that Grace believes the children should be with the Jackson family and that she does not want custody. SHE’S JUST THEIR NANNY! She has also (Grace, that is) denied a claim that she once had to “pump Michael’s stomach” after he ingested too much drugs. And that is credible, because the girl is just a nanny. How would she pump someone’s stomach? She’s not medically trained.
In any event, Grace seems to feel the kids should stay with their grandmother Katherine and with the Jacksons.  I am sure they can hire her as a full time nanny and that she will take her job back (apparently, as I said, Michael fired her back in December when she tried to stage that intervention.)
I think giving the kids to the Jacksons would be the right result. The kids are Jacksons. They should be raised as Jacksons. And the biological mother has said she’s not interested in raising them. There is no other logical place for them to be raised than with their blood relatives–the Jacksons. (Well, in the case of the two oldest, they may not be blood related if Debbie Rowe is not off her rocker when she claims she was inseminated like a horse with another man’s sperm) but you know what I mean. They should be raised as Jacksons. That is what I think would be in their best interest.
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