NEW YORK: A widow named Ruth Madoff…150 years!

The judge threw the book at Bernie Madoff today, giving him 150 years in the slammer. It is over. He’s not coming back. This is not a divorce. This is a woman who has lost her husband forever. …
As I listened to the newscast, I couldn’t help feeling bad for him. I know. I know. Nobody should have sympathy for a guy like Bernie Madoff. Everybody should throw stones at him. I just can’t. There is a certain pathos to this guy. I am overwhelmed with compassion for him. Why? Why???? Why can’t I despise Bernie Madoff?  Why do I feel so sorry for him?
Ruth is now a widow. She’s a widow. In three years, she can pretty much remarry, as if he’s dead, pursuant to the Domestic Relations Laws of the State of New York.
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