South Carolina governor Mark Sanford says the other woman is his "soul mate"

Girrrrl, ahahahahahha……hehehehehehehe….!!!¬† ūüôā
I can’t keep UP! Too much going on. Too much. From all angles and directions,¬†girrrl. ¬†
Now I’ve got to hear this: that Mark Sanford of South Carolina held a new conference and said essentially that he loves his mistress, that she is his soul mate, but that he is staying married and working on the marriage, and he won’t resign as governor of South Carolina.
Sensory overload, folks. It’s getting hot in here….
I have nothing to say on this issue. What can I say? Say, how about all those Michael Jackson fans who lined up in Harlem to pay their respects at the Apollo?  Awesome.  Plus, my post about him (Michael) being acquitted of those nasty charges has brought me the most comments ever. A record for us at Divorce Saloon. So I feel good. Plus, you know, when I think about it, I really think that Michael dying so dramatically was the best way for him to go. It really was. It is sad as heck. But there was no other way to go out for a flame like that. It had to be over the top and memorable and, you know, like a superstar in an unforgettable way. So, it was fate and I am okay with it. I feel better about it. It is better for his story, his legacy.
About this dude in South Carolina. This guy is having a 3/4 life crisis. I really think so. Look at him. He’s totally off his rocker. He doesn’t know what he wants. He’s confused. And these two women are at the edge of their seats to see where they wind up in his affections. Men are very privileged in this respect. I personally resent them for that. It’s not fair. It’s not right.
I think homeboy should shut up, though. He’s like Madoff. He’s giving too much information as one person pointed out today. Shut up, Governor Sanford. You have a bad case of foot in mouth disease. Keep this shizzo up and you could incriminate yourself and dig your own grave and find yourself out of the governor’s mansion. Who needs to know about how many other women you’ve been eyeballing? Go to confession and tell Jesus. Stop holding press conferences.
Besides, you are making yourself look like a….please forgive me I am going to use a term I absolutely find repugnant….but you are making yourself look like a…..oh god, I can’t say it… are making yourself look like a…..a…..douchebag!….. There, I said it, okay? Please stop divulging info cause it reflects badly, Mr. Governor.
And forgive my use of that vulgar epithet. Even for me it’s over the top.