Will Gloria Allred seek a financial guardian for Michael Jackson's kids?

According to Reuters, Michael Jackson’s parents, his mom specifically, has gained temporary guardianship over his estate and his children. I’ve been wondering though whether this is a situation that Gloria Allred is going to get involved in?  She seems to be pretty trigger happy with things like this. She is seeking a guardian placed on the octomom’s kids. She fears “financial exploitation.”
But what about the Jackson kids? They stand to inherit billions now that their father has died so dramatically. His records alone are selling off the charts. But I am sure there are going to be revenues from untold income streams coming down the pike with this. I was even thinking that….and I know this is slightly sick so please forgive me in advance I mean no disrespect to the dead….but I was thinking “what would happen if they sort of, turn his body into one of those museum pieces like the ones they have in the Body’s Museums? And then buy Neverland back, turn Neverland into a museum and put the body on permanent display there, and then charge $50 per person to enter the museum?”
Yes, I know. Very sick.
But they could do it. And then his estate will be worth unquantifiable sums into perpetuity. Those kids and their posterity will need more than a guardian, I am pretty sure.
So I am sure Gloria and her cronies are thinking about all of this.  And I wonder if she is percolating and whether she will move to get an independent guardian set up, for fear that the Jacksons will exploit Paris, Prince and Michael? I’m just wondering where this story is going to go next. Ya know?