Diana Ross named as back up guardian in Jackson's will???

Diana Ross??? She is the back up guardian? Not Janet? Not Latoya? Not even the biological mother? Not Liz Taylor? Not Oprah?
Diana Ross? I thought they weren’t even on speaking terms…well, he sure picked some “older” moms for the kids. His mother Katherine who is named as primary choice for guardian is 80 and Diana is deep into her sixties. Neither of these women, in my opinion, are young enough to parent kids as young as seven. They are the age of grand parents. And even great grand parents. I say that with all due respect. But the kids need a young, vibrant mother who can run around and play with them, and who can relate to them. Both Katherine and Diana are advanced in age. But you know what? I guess it’s about love most of all. I guess he figured he would leave the kids with someone who could love them.
It is very interesting and very telling that he did not select his own sisters. Latoya I can understand. But why not Janet? I thought they were close. And Janet is age-appropriate. Very interesting.
Based on what I read, it seems he left everything in trust – The Michael Jackson Family Trust. Smart move. Am not a trust and estates attorney, but the game plan is to avoid probate and to avoid estate taxes. The way to do that is by setting up trusts. So that was a cerebral move, Mr. Jackson! Your kids and their kids will thank you someday. I’m pretty sure….I wonder if any family members will challenge this will on the basis of testamentary incapacity? Or whatever?…I wonder if he had a life insurance policy or if he insured parts of his anatomy like his voice, or gloved hand or whatever? (People can insure parts of their bodies, you know!) and who were the beneficiaries? I guess the trust….
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