Does a pessimistic nature predispose you to divorce?

Yesterday when I got my GOOP from Gwyneth Paltrow, I realized something pivotal: Some people, like yours truly, are natural born pessimists. Others, like Paltrow, are optimists.
Gwyneth is definitely an optimist in that she sees all the chaos and upheaval in the world as a good opportunity, as a big exciting chance for humans to fix what is wrong with the environment, and, I guess, other things. She goes, “We are living in exciting times. We are confronted with the challenge of sustaining our food, our water and our environment. We are changing things. It’s big.”
I look at all the things that are happening in the world and I just see damnation, and Armaggeddon, and the human race going the way of the dinosaurs…..(Is Gwyneth even aware of the Chinese curse, “may you  live in interesting times” ???)
It got me to thinking about this difference in worldview and how pessimists and optimists would approach their marriages. And I wondered whether pessimists would be most likely to divorce or have unhappy marriages, versus optimists who would be more likely to stay married and work through their problems; or even have less problems because they have higher expectations of success of the union.
Gwyneth is a Libra. They tend to roll on the optimistic side, and I wouldn’t be surprised if more Librans, than, say, Capricorns stay married longer. Not that marriage is any easier for them. But they are more hopeful, I guess that things could change for the better. Whereas, others like me might say, “you know what? This blows and I want out of here.”
I don’t know. Just something to think about as you survey your troubled marriage.