Does Jenny Sanford secretly want a divorce?

Searches on Jenny Sanford, wife of philandering South Carolina governor Mark Sanford are up about 2500%. What do people want to know? Whether she wants a divorce? Or whether she genuinely forgives his sexual transgressions? Jenny seems very graceful and very sure of herself. She even seems sure of him, that he is not going anywhere. She strikes me as one of those wives who just turn the other way and let boys be boys; she probably agreed to an “open marriage” for a little bit, to see what happens, all in a strategy to beat Maria out for his affections. Sometimes it comes to that. That the wife, realizing it’s either divorce or let him test out the other pastures, choose to let him test out the other pastures. That is why it is so dangerous for the “other woman”. She is often caught in the snare of the married couple’s little games and doesn’t even know it.
But on the other hand, Jenny could secretly be disgusted with her husband and is just going through the motions for her ego’s sake. She could secretly be planning to divorce him later on, just as soon as she knows if he will be out of the governor’s mansion, and/or just as soon as she knows for sure she has smashed that “soul mate” nonsense to smithereens and won that particular battle. In other words, it’s about winning him from Maria. After that, she could be planning to dump him. I mean, why would she stay with a guy who admits to all these indiscretions? It’s not as if she’s old, fat and/or ugly.