Debbie Rowe throwing her weight around: plans to challenge custody AND divorce validity

Well, Michael Jackson’s ex wife has muscle and she is using them to delay the guardianship hearing which was scheduled for July 13 in Los Angeles. At least, that is what I’ve read but one cannot believe everything one reads, can one? Me and my I person journalism better be careful to say that these are just allegations and opinions and not substantiated facts. I read all the blogs and I hear these interesting little tidbits, like the fact that Mr. Jackson expressly wrote her out of his will and that she now will either challenge the validity of the divorce, or she will simply challenge the will.
I don’t understand that, frankly. As far as I know, once you are divorced, you no longer have a claim on your ex spouse’s will and his or her estate so long as you were already adjudicated divorced at the time of death! Plus, if the will expressly excludes you, as an ex spouse, what challenge can you mount to this will? Why would she even be barking up that tree? There is a right to take against a will if your spouse dies while you are still married to him or her. But after a divorce, there’s nothing to talk about. You are out; wiped off the map.
As far as custody, why would she stir up the lives of these children in this manner if she loves them so much? Show your love, Debbie and leave them where they should be – with their grandmother Katherine whom they know. You can always exercise visitation as you have been doing. Don’t use your muscle in this way to de-stabilize the children even more. They don’t know you as their mother and you know it. You were a glorified surrogate and you have said so yourself. Surrogates don’t have any rights to custody as a general rule.
If this is about the child support money (cause I can’t imagine what else it could be about given the history here) then, for crying out loud, haven’t you gotten enough money from this guy? How much money is enough, Debbie? But if money is the thing, why don’t you talk to the executors of his will (the attorney, the music exec and the accountant) and leave these children’s life in peace? Honestly I can’t take much more of these upheavals. And I”m not even a Jackson. So I can’t imagine how they are feeling.
Do what is in the children’s best interest. Leave them with Katherine. They know her. They love her. They don’t know you. And you really don’t really really want them. Your actions over the past decade or so has shown that clearly.
And what is this nonsense about you challenging the validity of your divorce? Can that be done? I mean, I know divorces can be invalidated for any number of reasons, including improper service, and things like that. But didn’t you stipulate to a whole bunch of things when you divorced Mr. Jackson? What basis would you have to challenge the divorce? And why would you do that except to challenge the will and get a forced share of this man’s estate when you clearly don’t deserve it?