Michael Jackson: father, son, brother…could he have been murdered?

It just so happens that I am one of those people who loves my father to a fault. My relationship with my dad is one of the most meaningful relationships in my life. I tend to assume the same is true for other people.
As the Michael Jackson saga expands, I find myself wondering about certain things. I mean, I think a lot of his children and wonder what kind of life they will have not having a dad, and having an absentee mother who basically gave them up when they were born (as a gift) in exchange for payments of cash and other perks.
But more and more, I find myself having very sinister thoughts. I wonder about how he really died, and what the true legacy of his death will mean for his kids….I mean, was this an accidental overdose of a man addicted to drugs? Was this suicide? Or was this homicide? I know each of these eventualities will have different meaning and implications for his children and for his legacy.
But about the homicide bit: Could someone have done this maliciously and intentionally? Could they have overdosed him on purpose knowing that they would never be caught since there is a long litany of characters who can attest he was an “addict”? Was this about money? Could someone have thought he was worth more dead than alive? Could someone have done this just for kicks? You know, killed the King of Pop?
I’m just wondering about that. When I look at his last video, for example, it raises more questions than it answers. He looked so vibrant, aware and with his game on. He did not strike me as someone on drugs, or even someone who was suicidal. He looked so alive. It just made me wonder if this was a more sinister tragedy than first thought. It made me wonder if someone intentionally killed this man, this son, brother, entertainer and father, for some sick reason.
But last I heard, the FBI was on the case. So I am sure we will all find out the truth before long. Whatever the truth though, it doesn’t exactly bring him back, does it? Those kids will still grow up without their dad. I am sure their relationship with him was the most meaningful in their young lives. They are changed forever. So sad.
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