Gary Coleman and Shannon Price on how to live with your spouse during the divorce without killing each other

Different Strokes actor Gary Coleman and his wife Shannon Price are still having marriage problems. It seems. Last year they appeared in Divorce Court and were ordered to counseling. Evidently. But I just read on Radaronline that Shannon was picked up by the police for domestic disturbances and domestic violence and, I guess, disturbing the peace of the household. She didn’t actually hit Coleman, however. Luckily for him cause she is twice his size and can probably crush that boy like a tomato.  She only broke household items. She complains that he “fights like a five year old” by stomping and having tantrums when he can’t get his way. She says he also bangs his head into the wall and throws stuff around the house. That must be pretty annoying.
I don’t have a huge problem with folks throwing stuff around the house and banging their own heads into the wall. I think it’s better than hitting each other, or god forbid, worse scenarios. It is still scary, of course, when you have a husband banging his head into the wall, or when your wife who is two times your body weight, starts throwing, like, chairs across the room. I mean, what do you do? But given other scenarios of couples actually killing each other, or like, throwing the chairs at each other, or banging the other’s head into the wall, I think the Coleman/Prince situation is not so bad.
Apparently, Mrs. Coleman wants a baby and Mr. Coleman is not having it yet. He’s waiting, perhaps for his next big break before he does that. The thing is, this girl has a biological clock! Does he understand that? That kind of lackadaisical behavior on the part of some husbands who fail to understand the urgency of their wife’s clock is probably what drives a lot of otherwise sane women to engage in conduct that rises to the level of misdemeanors crimes. Especially if she’s in a “hormonally ripe interval”–if you know what I mean. I mean, don’t mess with a woman and her hormones, Gary.