Michael Jackson was ACQUITTED of child molestation charges and by all accounts he was a loving father

Michael Jackson was a great father by all accounts.
The media seems bent on focusing on Michael Jackson’s legal quagmires, particularly the child molestation charges of which he was acquitted. I think that is foul. In death, he should be remembered in a positive way. In death, he should be given his good name. He was acquitted. HE WAS ACQUITTED. In this country, the United States of America, we are a country of laws; and a person is innocent until proven guilty. Michael Jackson was never proven guilty. Therefore he is innocent….and no, these were not just “unproven allegations.” These were flat out FALSE allegations. Outright lies. Disgusting false witnessing against one’s neighbor.
Moreover, so much unsavory information came out about his accusers. They are the ones who seemed guilty of extortion. It was obvious. Yet to his grave, some people are bent on using the bully pulpit to define this man’s life and legacy. It’s disgusting. I watched CNN last night and I had to switch as I felt they were focusing so much on that ugly stuff when the man just died, and he’s been acquitted for god’s sakes  and his accusers were not even credible. I wish the same fate on these people who are bent on doing this. This is beyond cruelty. I deplore cruelty and I know that those types of people will be repayed tenfold. So I am not going to get bent out of shape.
By all accounts, Mr. Jackson was a doting and loving father. Ok, yes, he was definitely weird. I give him that. He was a weird guy. The Elephant man bones, the dangling the baby out the window in Germany, the gas chamber, a lot of different indicators that he was totally weird. But aren’t we all a little weird too? And even if you, the reader, is not even slightly weird, I just feel we should live and let die in peace and with respect and dignity.
HE WAS ACQUITTED. Let that be the end of it. Focus on the beautiful artistry of this man, the gift of his music that he gave to the universe, and the beautiful children he has left behind who need so much love and care now.
Give the man his name back in his death. I am going on the record to say that now, finally, I don’t believe any of that filth he was accused of. He was a man who became a victim of his weirdness. That is what it was. Because he was so weird, it was easy for these predators and parasites to get away with these gross and tawdry allegations. Well, almost. They didn’t really get away with it because he was acquitted as I said. But they got away with taking his good name. And in the end, what is man, notwithstanding all his accomplishments, if he does not have a good name?
And that is the tragedy known as Michael Jackson. That is how they “got away with it.” They took his good name. They took it. And for sure, from the grave, there is nothing he can do to fix that….I am certain that where ever he is, that is all he wants. (And for his children to be cared for too, of course) but he wants his name back. He wants his good name back. And I just don’t see how that could ever be restored. I don’t see how he can ever make peace with this situation. It is truly a tragedy as far as I’m concerned.
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Originally published June 29, 2009