Debbie Rowe to get a writ of habeas corpus to see her "kids"?

Michael Jackson’s kids.
Hi everyone. Just woke up. Still all froggy-throated and barely able to move yet (I’m slightly comical in the mornings in that I’m almost vegetative when I first wake up and even my speech is slightly slurred and I talk like a frog and I can barely move….) But it’s MJ’s memorial today–a must see event–and I’m thinking of him and his kids. And all the drama and the insanity. And Debbie Rowe.
Is this woman for real? Would she really go for custody of those kids when she is on record saying “these are not my kids, these are Michael’s kids”? Will she get a writ of habeas corpus? Force the Jacksons to produce the kids? And why? Out of love? Or love of money? Is this about the will? Jackson expressly wrote her out of his will. So she wants her “forced” share by hook or crook. Is that it? She wants them to pay her to go away. She’s going to get in their faces and make them pay her to go away. And you know what? I think they will. I think they will have to. But it is not an attractive view. It seems rather ugly as a matter of fact.
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