Michael Jackson's daughter Paris Katherine Jackson is so beautiful!

“I just wanted to say that since I was born, that my daddy was the best father in the whole world that you can ever imagine and I love him. so much!” –Paris Michael Katherine Jackson, July 7,2009.
I was riveted to the television for this memorial service. I cried till now, I have a splitting headache. Why the hell am I so emotional and when will I stop being that way? I bawled like I know this man personally. I cried a river. And then, when Paris spoke at the end, it was all over for me. What a moving tribute to this legend, this iconic superstar, this son, brother, FATHER, this KING! You know? You should see my face. It is white with salt from all my tears…and do me a favor. Don’t write in to tell me mean stuff like…well, just don’t write my blog if you are going to be mean. Do it tomorrow. Today I just and to cry and to grieve and to remember this human being whose music was played at all the milestones in my life, including my 16th Birthday, my high school graduation, just everything, you know?
His children are so BEAUTIFUL!!! May God be with them as they grow. I hope the Jacksons keep them out of the public eye, the media and the haters and protect them at all cost from that particular brand of evil.
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