Jackson Patriarch Joe Jackson thinking of putting Paris Jackson in show biz…best interest of child?

I know. You probably have Jackson fatigue and I am dwindling my Jackson posts as I think there’s a glut of these stories already. But it is so ripe with issues that are germane to this blog–specifically with respect to children and custody.
The interesting thing about Joe Jackson is that he is expressly omitted from Michael Jackson’s will. There is no shortage of instances where Michael expressed a disenfranchisement with his father and I’m not going to discuss that issue here except to say, I love Michael Jackson but I do believe on some level his dad is unfairly maligned. Don’t misunderstand. I think Joe Jackson was a tough son of a bitch and I wouldn’t necessarily want him to be my dad. But he was tough for a reason. He had to be and were it not for him, the Jacksons wouldn’t have been who they were. He was a mercenary and a typically tough African American father. But there was a method to the madness and I am not going to get on a bandwagon against him. At least, not in this post.
In this post, I want to talk about what he said about his granddaughter Paris on Good Morning America this morning. Says grandpa, “Paris…she wants to do something…and Blanket they say he can dance…”
My blood ran cold. And mean, I iced up.¬† I was like, what??? Not again, Joseph! LEAVE MICHAEL’S CHILDREN ALONE!!! Do not put Paris into show biz. Please. Michael would not have wanted that. I never met the man, but I am pretty sure based on the lengths he went to keep his children out of the media. Oh my god. Jacksons, can you read this: DO NOT PUT THOSE CHILDREN IN SHOW BIZ.
It is not in their BEST INTEREST. If you are going to have custody, please demonstrate that you understand that concept, Mr and Mrs. Jackson. It is not in their best interest to shove or encourage them to go into show biz. Look what it did to their father?! Your entire family paid such a huge price! Was it worth it? Maybe for you. But I don’t think it shows good judgment that you are on TV saying this stuff, Mr. Jackson. I don’t judge you for how you brought up your boys. But these grandkids? You better watch it. The whole world is watching. It’s a different game from the 1960’s and you know, there’s a custody battle looming and you better get a clue. I never met your son but I am willing to bet my last dollar that putting his children in show biz is the last thing he would have wanted.
Please respect that. Otherwise, I would have to start doing posts about the fact that the Jacksons should not get custody, or at least your wife shouldn’t.¬† Becuase if she defers to you, and that is your position, then this is a big problem for me. DO NOT PUT THOSE CHILDREN INTO THE MEDIA VIEW. KEEP THEM OUT. THAT IS IN THEIR BEST INTEREST.
Otherwise, maybe Debbie Rowe should get custody. Maybe she will keep them hidden on her horse farm. And I say this hesitantly with my mouth full of spit. Cause I want those kids to be raised as Jacksons. But not if they are going to be exposed and exploited. Absolutely not.
With all due respect to you Mr. Jackson, I think you were a tough father and I think you had to be and I don’t chastise you for your decisions with raising your boys, but I have to draw the line with the grandkids. And if you keep talking like that, I would support the imposition of an order of protection against you from having anything to do with the decision-making and custodial concerns of those children. I am very serious. LEAVE THOSE CHILDREN OUT OF THE MEDIA CIRCUS. Let them grow the way their father would have wanted. It is for their own good and is resoundingly in their best interest. Do. not. force. me. to. switch. sides. Tabeash?