Are you having post-divorce fights about what the kids should eat?

As if they don’t have enough issues and problems between them, some divorced couples find themselves fighting about what the kids should eat. Invariably, mom thinks she knows best. And dad is a bad boy who lets the kids subsist on candy and Kentucky Fried Chicken. Dads actually crack me up on this score because it is unbelievable how many of them are over-indulgent with the kids when it comes to food. I know my own dad was clueless, god forbid my mother was not around for a few hours. It was party time! The biggest portions, the most inappropriate stuff. It was great.
And cute, when they are still married. But all of a sudden, they find themselves divorced and mom is not so amused when her vegan/organic babies are given pork chops and non-organic apples by this “idiot!”
I still think it’s hilarious. Because a lot of times, it is not even about the kids’ diets. It’s their anger towards each other and resentment that they vent by using the kids’ diets as an excuse for their venom.
But that is not to say that it is unimportant. Kids should eat well and healthy and dads shouldn’t stuff them with inappropriate junk food just to spite their vegan mother.
As far as how to avoid fights? Just grow up. The two of you….sorry if that sounds preachy and superior. I am not suggesting by any stretch of the imagination that I would be mature in this situation either. I probably would be worse than you guys, believe me. But I would want someone to tell me to grow up and come to a compromise with my children’s father on this. I mean, you are both their parents and presumably you both care about them being healthy.
So you both have to decide how much the children will be allowed to snack, what kinds of snacks and what their basic staples will be. But leave a little room too. It is not fatal if little Johnny has some ice cream once in a while. Don’t impose too strict rules that nobody can follow without going ape.