Am I to believe that Debbie Rowe extracted another $4 million from the Jacksons for the kids???

I think I feel sick. But more on that later. I really wanted to start this post by saying: I AM WOMAN HEAR ME ROAR. But I changed my mind because I am not in a roaring mood today. Been whimpering all day like a puppy actually. I mean, it was one of those days where I just felt off. Even my outfit was ridiculous and totally inappropriate to the occasion (topped off with my pink converse sneakers). I hate that (not the sneakers–love those–but feeling off and feeling like my outfit is not right).
Then, to top my afternoon, I caught a look at myself in a mirror right after I had wolfed down a Haagen Daz Vanilla Almond bar (my summer addiction, I swear) I got so depressed I couldn’t even go to the gym. I mean, why bother? Why? So, just walked home instead and got my eyebrows threaded as a treat at the Punjabis. That always makes me feel slightly better having them rip out my eyebrows with nylon thread….then as I turned the corner from the Punjabis, I stopped into the neighborhood bodega, and that is where I saw the headlines about Debbie Rowe and those kids and I felt completely sick. I really did.
Did she exchange her kids once again for $4 million dollars as reported in Rupert Murduch’s New York Post? Did she? That is totally sickening if she did and she’s using those children as a total cash cow, my god and it is gross.  Did she do that? Where is the love? I mean, her attorney is refuting the charges and is demanding a retraction. So I am sure the Post just made it all up….is that imaginable that the Post would do that?…..but what if it is true? What if the Post is telling the truth?
The attorney, interestingly, denied that Ms. Rowe took $4 million dollars to give up her parental rights. But he did not deny that she took $4 million dollars to give custody to Katherine Jackson.  Did you see the difference? It is subtle, and wink, you miss it. But listen to the attorney when he speaks. He says Ms. Rowe did not give up parental rights for $4 million. But he did not say Ms. Rowe did not give up custodial rights for $4 million. Got it?
I am sure he meant to say that she did not accept any money whatsoever for either giving up custodial rights or parental rights. That is what he meant to say and needs to say. Otherwise, I feel sick. This would strongly suggest to me that these kids are a bank vault for this woman and it is sick.
A mother does not give up her children–whether custody or parental rights–without a fight. And certainly not for money. I have seen mothers in these situations and they will give up almost anything, except the kids.  They want their kids. At all costs. This woman, Debbie Rowe, seems not to want anything to do with these kids, except in so far as to make ultimatums that involve her getting a big fat payout. That is why I don’t believe the post because I don’t believe that any mother could be such a mercenary and could care so little about her own children. I mean, I can understand if they came out, you know, really dark or something and she couldn’t relate. But everybody believes she is the only biological parent (not me. I know he fathered these kids). But they look a lot like her. So she should be able to relate beyond the money. Why does it seem like she can’t relate and does not care to negotiate beyond huge financial payouts? And why does that make me feel sick?