Jon and Kate Gosselin: One minute happy, the next minute he wants a divorce and is flaunting a 22 year old in France?

Can you believe this? Jon Gosselin has a new girlfriend. She can probably be Kate’s teenaged daughter–the child is 22–and he was photographed with her in St. Tropez even though the divorce is not yet even remotely close to being final. That is either way insensitive, or he really really just doesn’t love his wife anymore. I mean, you give a woman 8¬†kids. Six of them a multiple birth and you fricking divorce her? And then you flaunt a 22 year old in the South of France before the ink is even printed on the divorce papers?
Jon, not for nothing, but that is kind of callous and kind of insensitive. Who do you think you are Brad Pitt? Jen said he had a sensitivity chip that is missing. I could say the same about you, Jon. How do you think Kate and the kids feel with this situation? Don’t you care?