Swedish Countess Marie Douglas David promises a "mud fight" if she does not get apartment in Sweden

UTC chairman George David and his wife countess Marie Douglas are back in Hartford Superior court, slugging it out about their divorce. At issue are a bunch of things, including post-separation sexual conduct by both parties; an apartment in Sweden which the missus wants free and clear of any mortgage (there is a $5 million mortgage on it); and the validity of the post-nuptial agreement.
Marie’s been in Sweden for a while, allegedly dating this hottie named Johan Saxon (another rich guy) and I am not sure if Georgie’s still seeing Wendy Touton. But, so, they are back in court and Georgie wanted a gag order but the judge basically wants all the dirt out in the open. Says Georgie: “this should be a private matter!”
As far as the issues, the post-nup promises Marie about $43 million and she said it’s not enough. Besides, it is “stock heavy” and I can’t say I blame her. If she’s getting $43 million, it should be in cash. Cold, hard cash, baby, or no deal. As far as the validity of the post nup. Look, I think $43 million in cash is fair after a 6 year marriage that was full of separations, affairs and what have you. She wants $100 million. That is about 33% of his networth. After six years of marriage, though, is that “fair”? Is it “equitable”?  I am not sure. But then again, this was royal poompoom. (hahahahahhahahahhahahahha. poompoom is a vernacular from the old country that means….well, “vajayjay”….don’t mean to be obscene but there you have it). But, so, you know what I’m saying, right? $43 million for regular poom poom is fine. But maybe the fact that Georgie got royal aristocratic poompoom, well, that costs more, folks. Georgie? That one’s gonna cost ya! You know what I mean? For the privilege of saying your ex wife is a countess? That right there is expensive poompoom, darling. To wit: $100 million plus the apartment in Sweden, my dear. What do you think this is? Huh? Duh! She’s a c.o.u.n.t.e.s.s.!!! A Swedish one.
As far as the apartment in Sweden. I am sure that George won’t want to go to Sweden after this. His wife was his link to the country and after the divorce, he will want to go to new and different and fresh places. So obviously, since Marie is Swedish, she should get the apartment. But if the $5 million mortgage is not included in the $43 mil, then she should take over the mortgage or she should get a reduced settlement that factors that mortgage into it. And since she gets the Swedish apartment, George gets the New York apartment.
Why are they still fighting? Both stubborn little brats, that’s why. Look you guys, settle this for $50 million and go home. Stop the fight. We get it. You both won’t back down. But I can’t bear any more salacious poompoom  revelations from you two. So please settle this.
I can’t even believe you had all this time to relax and thaw and you still couldn’t settle this.
As for the validity of the post nup. It was totally sneaky and strategic of George to get her to sign it like that, no question. But even without it, I think after a six year marriage, you are looking at 10-15  percent of networth, not 33 percent. I have always been fearful that the judge will invalidate the post nup as Marie wants, but then give her less. That is still a possibility, if the judge thinks she’s  being unreasonable. She needs to watch that.
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