George David: Yes, I did have sex with that woman, Ms. Wendy Touton, I did not lie!

Attempting to impeach former UTC CEO George David who is ensconced in one of the priciest divorce cases Hartford Superior Court has ever seen, lawyers for the CEO’s soon to be ex wife, Countess Marie Douglas David, reached into George’s meticulously dry-cleaned Brioni pants.
“Is it your testimony” asked Beslow “that during the deposition, you stated you did not recall any where on Earth that you had sex with Wendy Touton?”
To which, George, ever a gentleman, apparently admitted that he and Ms. Touton had, how shall we say?…had cooched. My big question is, why is that an issue? It’s not like they are getting divorced in New York where you have to prove grounds. Connecticut is a no fault state. It doesn’t matter if he and Wendy did the deed or not. They are only going there for the salacious value, for the sleaze.
I mean, what? They are just trying to impeach him, to show he lies. Why? I guess they are trying to prove that he in fact coerced Marie into signing the post nup but that he is lying by saying he did not do so.
But poor Wendy. I am sure she had nothing to do with the breakdown in that marriage but her name is being dragged through the mud. George looks like a stud for having all these young beauties at his beck and call. And Marie potentially looks like the wronged wife. But here comes Wendy, after the marriage has already broken down and said yes to a few dates with the man that probably did end in some, how shall we say?…shagging….cooching…and now it’s her name that is all over the place as¬†George’s mistress. As some sort of homewrecker. Meanwhile George and Marie had already done a pretty good job of wrecking their own marriage without any help from anyone else, least of all Ms. Wendy Touton.
I wonder, is Wendy Touton another young thirty something blonde? Or has the 67 year old George David finally learned his lesson and gotten himself an age-appropriate gal?
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Originally published on March 21, 2009