BOOK REVIEW: Sending Love…My "Different-Functional" Family by Lori Hilliard

I finally checked my in box today and discovered a few books which have been sent to me by readers/authors who write on the subject of divorce. One great, cute little work was by author Lori Hilliard. The book is targeted to ages 2-10 years old and it is a precious little number. I highly recommend it to anyone who is going through divorce and who has young children who are impacted by this very grown up situation.
Hilliard writes in the note to her book:

In writing this book, I grew. I knew that I had to settle differences with my “ex” and, in the process, release my children from seeing our pain.

Hilliard talks about the fact that she and her ex grew so much during the writing of the book that they both took the beautiful photographs that appear throughout – photographs of their four beautiful children.
The story is told through the eyes of her five year old son Joshua.  Says Joshua:

My name is Joshua. …I have two houses…. At my dad’s house I love to swim and catch fish. At my Mom’s house I love to catch lizards and play at the park! My parents are divorced.

Joshua goes on to chronicle what it is like to be a part of a family that is not “dysfunctional” but “different-functional.”
It is was very cute idea, and a very cute story told through the voice of a very cute 5 year old. I highly recommend it if you are in a divorce situation and you have young children.
The book is published by Aspenwood Publishing ( and edited by Rebecca Sato. You can get more information on the book at I believe it also appears on