Marie Douglas (ex wife) v. Wendy Touton (next wife?)

Wendy Touton, George David’s girlfriend (just read he spent $10,000 on a shopping spree for her) is a dead ringer for Countess Marie Douglas David.
Touton is a divorcee with two young kids and is in Marie’e age group, if not younger.
I have to say I am surprised. I thought George would have gotten someone no more than 17 years older. I mean,  a 50 year old woman is 17 years younger than this guy. Seventeen years is a lot of years. But I could have understood and forgiven his roving eye. And it would have been “age appropriate.”
But he went for another 30 something.
I think it is designed strictly to make his  soon to be ex wife Marie jealous. He can’t seriously be thinking of marrying this woman. He can’t be so obtuse in selecting a mate. He just can’t be.
But, yea. Those two women could be long lost twins. Very inneresting….guess Georgie has a definite type….is that one an aristocrat too? Wonder how much that divorce will cost him if he marries her? Well at least this time I am sure he has enough sense to get a pre (not post) nuptial. I mean, how crazy can one man be?