What to do about post-divorce dead beat dads

It’s been a slow day in DivorceSaloonLand. Probably because I’ve been away from the laptop on account of all these priorities that had to be fulfilled. But it was a productive day for me. I even stopped by the farmer’s market just now and purchased a few healthy things like a melon, a couple pounds of peaches, and some fresh squash to jump start my new, healthy way of eating; and new life….trust me I have no choice as I’m starting to resemble a cherub — a look only attractive on a six month infant– given my overindulgence in Haagen Daz chocolate almond bars and other atrocities for the last few weeks…
So. Now I am here, trying to get a post in. And of course, what can you write about that you haven’t already said? I thought of this one: post-divorce dead beat dads. First of all that is probably a bit biased since these days, you can also have dead beat moms. I have never personally encountered one. But I am sure they exist. And I have to try to be more gender neutral, or at least, make a pretense that I am, to appease some of my readers who will call me on my bias in a New York minute.
Post-divorce dead beat parents. What can we do about this lovely species? Well, without getting too bogged down in the grime, I would say as long as you have a social security number, that problem should be easy to solve. Just put in an application to the Support Collection Unit, give them the individual’s social security number, and watch what happens. If that person ever works in the United States, Guam, Peurto Rico or any other U.S. state/commonwealth, their income will get garnished….actually, I am not sure about Guam and Peurto Rico. But anywhere in the contiguous states that he or she works with that social security number, their income will be tapped.
Now. If they work off the books, that will be much much harder. It is not impossible. But it will be more difficult to collect your child support–particularly if he or she has moved to a different state.