HARTFORD, CT: George David and Marie Douglas settle their divorce case for $50M! Do they read my blog???

July 17, 2009: Oh My Word! They settled for $50 million!!! I can’t believe it. That is exactly what I thought they should have done from the beginning. That is exactly what I said here.
oh wait. that was the wrong link. It’s here. I must be psychic. I knew that was the magic number from the very beginning even though Marie was asking for 99 million. Neither she nor her lawyers realistically expected that. It was a bluff. But an extra $6 million can’t hurt. It goes a long way actually. She gets $2.5 million on signing and the rest over 3 years. Fantastic. This is the right move, the right decision for both of them. I saw no reason to continue this fight. Over what? There is a binding post nup. Plus, the deal was fair on its face.
I can’t believe they came to an agreement finally, though. Why did it take so long? All these legal fees and this public circus to do what could easily have been done from the start. None of us would have been the wiser. But you know, if I know divorcing couples well, even if George had said, fine I will give you another $6 million back in December? Marie and her lawyers would have said go to hell. Then he would have had to give her an extra $12 million now. So he did the right thing. And she did the right thing by taking the money and running like a bandit and not letting this matter go any further and forcing the judge to make a decision which could have been adverse to her. I strongly believe it would have been if she had pushed this to the limit.
But I can’t believe they settled for exactly what I advised! Do they read my blog??? That would be insane! Oh my god.
Now, happy trails the two of you. I think I like them both for some reason. I really enjoyed covering their case. They both seem interesting. Just not right for each other. Best regards the two of you! Choose better next time. Go for love, not for the money. Okay?¬†(not that I”m saying either one of you went for money this time around, just next time, make sure love is the main draw.)