SILICON VALLEY: The Starbucks name change: Seattle Starbucks to divorce its brand name

I am puzzled by the news that coffee giant, Starbucks, has decided to get a name change for one of its Seattle based venues. They are planning to call the place “15th Avenue Coffee and Tea.” Instead of just Starbucks. Does that make any sense? It’s like they are getting divorced from their own brand. What is that about?
When couples divorce, the first things many wives want to do is get a name change. They no longer want to be known as a derivative of their husbands. So as part of the “ancillary relief” sought in the divorce action, they ask permission to resume their maiden name or a prior surname. And it makes perfect sense. But this name change by one of the world’s most recognizable brands makes very little sense to me, just like it doesn’t make sense for some wives to change their names even if they divorce. Notice how Ivana Trump for example continued to use the Trump name for a long while, till she finally just called herself Ivana, without a last name? What’s in a name? A name is a very big deal, darling. And for some divorcing couples, it makes sense to keep the name. It’s a brand image. A marketing ploy. It has huge pecuniary value. Any savvy business person understands that.
Which is why I wonder about this move by the Starbucks management. Why mess with the brand? Why divorce the name from the brand without a good reason? By the way, they say if the ploy works, they will divorce Starbucks’¬† name from other venues around the country.
I don’t know. This ancillary relief is not making much sense to me.
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