What in the world did Janet Jackson ever see in Jermaine Dupri in the first place?

Aunt Janet (to her brother’s Michael Jackson’s kids, that is) has reportedly broken up with her long time paramour, named for one of her brothers, Jermaine. I always looked at Janet and Jermaine and I just never got it. What is the attraction? He’s too short for her, for one thing. Not that that is a deal breaker necessarily. I mean, some short men are cute. I’ve seen a couple. But¬†some women have to be with a tall man to be balanced and Janet seems like one of them. The other thing is, Jermaine just didn’t seem sophisticated enough. He didn’t bring out anything particularly compelling in Janet as far as I can tell. The right man will always bring out a woman’s compelling side. Always. I read they broke up (I also read they are married so they really may have DIVORCED) and if that is true I am fine with it. Janet needs to find a better match than him.