Could Kate Gosselin have avoided divorce if she had paid more attention to Jon?

Kate Gosselin is the mother of eight young kids, and up to just recently, the wife of one thirty-something young man. Hers was one big happy family that grew richer by the day due to the reality show based on their charmed existence. Then something popped, like a supersonic explosion of flatulence, and Jon, when he came up for air, decided he wanted a divorce. (listening to the Black Eyed Peas ‘Boom Boom Pow…” hence reference to “supersonic.”)
Poor Kate is left with eight kids and her husband has been photographed gallivanting with a 22 year old in the South of France. My first reaction to it, as if it is any of my darn bisnis beeswax, was “what an insensitive @#$%.” I even wrote here, that Jon has a “sensitivity chip that’s missing,” sort of what Jen said when Brad picked up and decided he wanted to be with Angelina and her adopted son Maddox on that beach in Africa. Is Jon Sagittarius?!
But on second thought, I decided to look at the issue from a different angle, to see if there was anything Kate could have done to “hang on to the marriage” such as paid more attention to Jon, that would have effectively prevented divorce.
Before I start though, I have to say that I deeply resent this notion of women having to be the ones who try to “hang on to the man”. I can’t remember a time when I heard a man was trying to “hang on to the wife,” or “hang on to the woman” or “hang on to the marriage.” It’s like they are the prize and we are lucky if they deign to be with us. And I just always kind of resented this notion, personally, you know? I’m like, phock dut. But I understand I am in a minority on this issue. My gender will fight to the draw to hold on to their man even if he wants out. And, fine. Whatever. I will play devil’s advocate anyways. I will ask and answer myself: Is there anything Kate could have done to avoid divorce? Is there anything she could have done to hang on to Jon at least till the kids hit eighteen?
Hme…well, the 22 year old, who apparently and allegedly has been arrested for possession of drugs in the past and other notable infractions, kinda sorta looks like a younger version of Kate with long hair. So first of all, Kate should have gotten botox injections to prevent the lines (which to be fair must have come from the stress and strain of handling sextuplets?) in her face from deepening the way they did. And she definitely should have kept her hair long. Those kids brought in enough money from the reality show that Kate could have afforded good hair care, complete with roots touch ups, color, and whatever else she needed to have a healthy Farrah Fawcett head of hair. Cause, you know what? That’s what her man wanted and that would have made hanging on to him that much easier.
What else could she have done? Smoke some Marijuana. That, allegedly, was a favorite of the girlfriend. And maybe get arrested. At least, arrest each other….I keep hearing the 22 year old is preggers, though. Can that be???
What else? Well, she could have taken vacations alone with him, and role played to act like it was their maiden tryst. The man was obviously overwhelmed with all the work it took to raise multiples and needed some alone time in posh international settings with his woman! Kate probably thought she was Angelina and wanted to take the kids everywhere which is fine. But not if you are male and you want to be alone with your wife so that you can get her knocked up again, maybe with another set of multiples. HE WANTS TO BE ALONE WITH YOU, KATE. HE WANTS TO GO SHOPPING. HE WANTS TO TAKE YOUR VIRGINITY ALL OVER AGAIN.
What else could she have done? Well, maybe the reality show was a mistake. Sure it enabled them to have the money for things like abs surgery (which allegedly was how Jon met the 22 year old in the first place through the surgeon who is the 22 year old’s father) but it really stripped them of all mystique. (Tori and Dean are you listening?)
What else? I don’t know. I don’t like this guy. He’s an insensitive prick and I think she’s better off without him actually. I’m just being sarcastic and playing devil’s advocate. Cause I really think for a man to behave the way that Jon has behaved, it would be over. I wouldn’t give him another minute of my time, never mind to second guess how I could have kept him. It’s like, good riddance. To bad, bad rubbish….oh but wait….this is none of my bisnis beeswax.