Paula Abdul gets divorce-dissed by American Idol management

Forgive me in advance for the UnAmerican, Unconstitutional utterance I’m about to twitter, but, I have never seen even one episode of American Idol…..can I still discuss this Paula Abdul divorce thingy without getting heckled?…..ok. Here goes: I hear they don’t want Paula anymore cause there’s a new girl in town. (BTW I know all the players even though I’ve never seen the show. There is Ryan Seacrest who used to date whatsherface?I think they were engaged when she was a bigger star…shizo. Can’t remember the girl’s name. She’s blond. And she had a wardrobe malfunction once where her boob spilled out of her frock….and she used to hang out with Paris Hilton…what’s her face??? Darnit I can’t remember….)
Well, anyhoo. Who cares?  Back to Paula.
This divorce is scandalicious only because of the adultery factor. I mean, it’s one thing to cheat on the side, but the bring the woman into Paula’s house and then dump Paula? This is unforgivable. This is ugly. And then, to take all the marital assets and divvy them up in a totally inequitable fashion whereby Ryan Seacrest (an enabler!!!) gets $45 million and god only knows how much that insulting Brit Simon will get. And then of course, Randy (her brother) will be getting his piece. And the other woman takes the rest. This is sacrilege.
Paula needs to do a motion to enjoin anybody from doing anything till she irons out the pecuniary issues here. She deserves even a kind of severance pay I would think.
But anyway, I think divorce talk is premature. It may just be a temporary separation. A cooling off period. And Paula’s manager panicked. And now, all they have to do is demand a preliminary conference and see what issues they have consensus on. Whatever is left, they take it before the judge to get an impartial determination. I don’t think there will be a judgment of divorce here. I don’t watch the show as I said. But I only know about Paula because of all the derivative press she gets on account of doing that show. The American Idol folks would be crazy to let her go. But then again, everybody’s crazy. Even Starbucks has lost it and is changing its name from Starbucks to “15 Street Coffee and Tea.” Can somebody tell me what the hell is going on?
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