If Vikram Pandit is ousted from Citi will his wife Swati divorce him?

Poor Vikram Pandit, CEO of Citi is getting it from all directions now that Citigroup has effectively become “government owned” due to the bank’s acceptance of government bailout funds to fend off collapse and now after he’s had the temerity to suggest that Citi invest in….what was it? I don’t remember but they were talking about it on Reuters that he’s turning Citi into a hedge fund and that he should be ousted.
Got me to thinking about, you know, divorce. What else would I think about over here, my little pea brained self? Speaking of pea brains. Guess what? Vikram is Hindu and is quoted as saying he “doesn’t believe in love marriage.” He also allegedly stated that his wife should not work but rather should stay home and run the household, host his parties and mother his children since any salary she would make would essentially be insignificant. Was that a pea brained statement? Or what? I mean, if one is thinking long term, that is? After you make a statement like that you are not planning to fight your wife on equitable distribution if your marriage somehow ends in divorce, right? When you say stuff like that, you are planning to roll over and give her what she asks for, and her negotiations will start at 75% of your entire net worth. You understand that right, Vikram?
FYI: Vik and Swati have two kids, Maya and Rahul who attend private school on the Upper West Side. Trinity, I think, where he sits on the board of trustees. And last September, the Pandits bought actor Tony Randall’s full-floor 10-room apartment at the Beresford on Central Park West (this is after purchasing and disposing of three adjoining apartments at 310 East 53rd Street for $9.8 million in 2006.) So you are looking at significant real estate. (Good luck getting that unloaded in this economy.)  
But, say one say two, I would be positively gobsmacked if those two ever divorce. For one thing, as I stated, they are Hindu and Hindus frown on divorce for the most part. For another thing, this was no “love” marriage. I always remember a relative back in the old country used to say, “love school bun dung!” (love school has burned down) so basically, what that means is that love is a tricky emotion and I think that Westerners have shown that it is not necessarily the main ingredient in a successful marriage. Well, actually Easterners have shown that. Many South Asians stay married forever and most of them had arranged marriages. Whereas the divorce rates in the West are off the charts. And all we talk about is “love.” Vikram has said straight up that he is not into the Love marriage business. So chances are, even if he is ousted from Citi, Swati is not going anywhere.
But just in case, she might want to do what other CEO wives have done. Get him to do a quit claim deed now to the $17 million marital residence (to avoid creditors) and then if the marriage folds up, at least she owns that piece of real estate free and clear. Then she goes for spousal support, child support, and a piece of whatever is left….what am I talking about? Can somebody please tell me what the hell I’m talking about???? Jesus. I think I need food. Bye. I’m gonna eat.