Were you just superior to your spouse and couldn't bear to stay married to an underling anymore?

Some folks think they are so superior to others. Why? I always felt like I am equal. Not better. Not less. Just equal. Some folks don’t even want you to feel equal. They want to define you. They want to tell you who you are and what you should aspire to be. They definitely need you to feel you are less than they are. They want you to stay in your place. They will crush you like a gnat if they think you are stepping out of your bounds. They do that even in intimate relationships and marriages – not just in work places, or schools or other places like that. I never understood that.
But before I talk about that at length, I just want to say that I’m feeling a huge amount of schadenfreude at the moment.  Why? Well, I just found out that someone who did me wrong about 5-6 years ago (I am a magnetic field for bullies, I swear),  got their due. And I didn’t even have to appeal to the ancestors as I sometimes have to resort to. I just left it alone, went on about my life, and pretty much forgot about this person (I frankly had bigger and more complex bullies to contend with if you must know the truth). And now I found out today, completely by happenstance, that this past June, just before graduation, this person (a school principal), met his destiny and was hauled out of the school at 11 a.m. in the shackles of the NYPD!  I could not have planned this end for this person any better myself.  I almost feel guilty that I feel schadenfreude. It’s just that…you know…I am magnanimous, and a “nice”, sensitive human being with a “simple” and peaceful outlook on life. I can honestly say I have never bullied a single person in my long tenure on this Earth so far. I’m just not interested in that way of being; and my energies are much better spent being happy and humerous and kind.  But there people who see this simplicity and this “niceness” as a weakness; and there are many bullies in the world who have really infringed on my peace because of the way I tend to be. It’s almost as if they see me as so inferior because of my ways, that their only way to deal with me is to act in a bullying way towards me.
But it’s all good cause I always see the end of them, no matter how long it takes. Like that principal. He is probably the main reason I returned to the law. Long story. But in typical form, sometimes, after all they do to me, I even end up feeling sorry for them when they get what’s coming to them, kind of like this principal. As much as I feel schadenfreude, there is a part of me that feels very sorry for him.  I mean, I wouldn’t wish an end like that on my worse enemy. I really wouldn’t. Still, I am thinking of attending his arraignment on August 3 just cause, you know, he should see my face and remember what he did, and why things ended for him in this way. I’m willing to wager that that should be an interesting day at court…
Anyhoo.  Superiority complexes. Superior married folks. That’s what this post is about.  What is that about? Feeling superior to your own spouse? If that’s how you feel, why did you marry this person? Be evenly yoked. Do not marry someone you think you are better than. Or someone who thinks they are better than you. It is a recipe for disaster. Marry your equal. Or you will end up getting a divorce.