Nas and Kelis divorce updates

Nas has been ordered to pay Kelis $40,000 per month in interim support while the divorce is still being adjudicated. Kelis gets custody of the child temporarily. Nas is paying the expenses on the marital home in California even though it does not appear he is living there. Seems Kelis has exclusive occupancy right now. Kelis had the baby with her mother and sisters in tow at the hospital. Nas’ lawyer plans to appeal the decision to award $40,000 per month in support. His client wanted to pay a one time lump sum of $20,000 but the judge felt the $40K per month was supported by the financial affidavits that have been submitted to the court. I have to say at $40k per month, these folks are way richer than I imagined. I mean that is $480,000 per year in spousal support. Most lawyers I know don’t even make a fraction of that per annum. I have always said I am in the wrong business, and stories like this convince me even more. I shoulda been a rapper. A gangster rapper. With gold teeth and everything. Wearing wife beaters and everything, and moving my hands like this when I talk. And walking with a swagger (boom boom pow!) and reeling in the dough.
I shoulda woulda coulda.