Billionaire Brit Slavica Ecclestone a self-made divorcee

Across the pond, folks know how to celebrate divorce with panache. Just ask Slavica Ecclestone, ex wife of Formula One billionaire Bernie Ecclestone. She just purchased a 35 million pound gulf stream jet (reportedly bigger than her husband’s if you believe John Bolch of Family Lore Blog) so that she can jet to her favorite haunts in Africa, India and Brazil without having to worry about checking in, and overhead compartments.
Slavica filed for divorce last December or so after it was reported her husband was found gallivanting with someone else while he was on some sort of business trip. I remember that case cause I did a post on it which you can read among a cluster of related posts here:
I couldn’t believe the story that he had put his entire billion dollar fortune all in her name! As some sort of tax maneuver. I guess after 24 years of marriage, the last thing he thought was that she would divorce him.
Well, whatever. Now, Slavica calls all the shots with the money. She’s a self-made gangster that one. She divorces him and takes all his billions without even having to litigate. He just hands it over. All of it. On a platter. Gotta luv it.