Candy Spelling declines to attend her grand-daughter Stella's first birthday party: should she lose her legal standing?

Tori Spelling and her mother Candy Spelling are feuding big time. Now Candy wants nothing to do with her grandkids by Tori. Last week on Tori’s Oxygen reality show (a big ratings hit) Tori sent over invitations to her baby Stella’s first birthday party to her mother as an olive branch.  I just heard the mother has declined to attend. Wow.
As you know grandparents have legal standing to sue for visitation with the grandkids. They can move by habeas corpus to seek such visitation. Should Candy’s standing be nullified as a result of this diss?
To be fair, I am totally siding with Tori for the most part, but I don’t think this was the best most appropriate way for her to try to make up with her mother. It’s too public and it puts her mother on the spot. I did think it seemed kind of contrived, and a part of the reality show story line; a way to get ratings, to invite her and see what happens. If she shows up, it’s ratings gold. If she doesn’t show up it’s ratings gold. Was that fair? No. I don’t think so. If both of these adult women want to really mend their mother/daughter relationship, and have Candy develop a healthy grandmotherly relationship with the children, the olive branch should have been private. Then once that was achieved, she could then invite her to the party. This way, there is a more genuine taste to it. The way Tori did it, I don’t agree with.
But for Candy to call 36 year old Tori “Middle aged reality show wannabe stars” or some such diss? That’s harsh. Yikes.
Maybe it’s hopeless for these two. I mean, some mothers/daughters/parents just have such a toxic relationship, it’s just better to cut their losses and stay away from each other. I am thinking Candy and Tori are prime candidates for that. This level of toxicity did not develop overnight. It takes years to build up. And sometimes, it cannot be mended. It cannot be made clean. I don’t think those two can detox this. I really don’t think they can vacuum out this much garbage that would need to be vacuumed for this to work. They should leave well enough alone. They really should.
But it’s sad anyways.