Hey, Elaine Wynn: Did you work for your spouse and are unemployed after the divorce?

Elaine Wynn won’t have to cry about money for the rest of her life. The woman sits on the board of directors of Wynn Resorts, Ltd, and owns 50% shares in the company that are valued at nearly half a billion dollars- at least when the economy was flowing.
Now, if the divorce goes through, I am wondering what her situation is going to be. Is she going to sell her shares? Is she going to remain on the board? If she remains on the board, will the relationship with Steve be cordial? Or will it be a war-mongering situation? I mean, is she okay with the new woman? That will really be the test. If Steve has her blessings, it will be peaches and creme. If not, get out the Preparation H. Cause it’s going to be major compaction in those board meetings, darling.
The Encore Macau, the newest hotel in the Wynn fleet, is not doing all that great I heard. Obviously I don’t know this for sure. But I wouldn’t be surprised if the economy has slowed the pilgrimage of gamblers trekking to Vegas in the last year. What an incredibly inauspicious time for Steve Wynn to have launched this new initiative. He is bleeding money no doubt. Hemorrhaging.
Elaine should absolutely insist on a valuation of the business at this point before deciding if she wants to sell her shares or keep them.
But it’s been months and I haven’t heard a peep about those two. Anybody heard  anything new about this divorce? Did Steve come to his senses and return to his wife? Or did his Brit girlfriend really blow his mind for eternity or what?
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