Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush split

Reality show fans of Ms. Kardashian, the buxom girlfriend (wife wannabe) of Reggie Bush (ball player) will be disappointed to learn that he gave her her walking papers a couple of days ago. It’s over. She was hoping for an engagement ring and declared she would happily say “yes” if he proposed. And he, right after getting back from a trip to Africa (they were reportedly doing some diamond related stuff for Russell Simmons?) he said he wanted out of the relationship. DIVORCE. Yikes. Poor Kim. She seems a very nice girl. She is very attractive and sexy. But I wonder about that tape she made with her ex boyfriend that was sold and is available on DVD or the Internet or whatever. I mean if I were a guy, I don’t know if I would want to marry a woman who had this explicit tape circulating out there with someone else. It seems…unseemly. So I am not surprised he just got his fill and then called it quits.¬†
But that is the world today. A lot of people think nothing of making these recordings of themselves. It’s de rigueur in the celebrity set. So if he had married her, I wouldn’t have been shocked either. As it stands, he divorced her. There will be no equitable distribution, no spousal support, nothing. Just, “thank you ma’am. It was great. Goodbye!”