Lisa Leder on divorce & business valuation for dummies

Business Valuation for dummies.
Let’s ask Lisa Leder (she’s no dummy) to help us analyze how much her equitable share of Sun Capital Partners is worth.
Divorce Saloon: Lisa, in your estimation, what is the value of Marc’s company and what should you get as an equitable share in the divorce settlement?
Lisa Leder: The VALUATION of my husband Marc Leder’s Boca Raton business Sun Capital Partners is as follows:
V = 5,000,000,000 = (CF1 + CF2 + CF3 + CF4.…+CFn) ÷ (1+r)n
Where V = value of equity of the business today.
CF = expected cash flows or benefits to be derived in the future.
r= is the discount rate that converts future dollar of CF to present dollar value.
n= years into perpetuity
We know from the book Business Valuation an Integrated Theory by Z. Christopher Mercer and Travis W. Harms that the value of a business enterprise can be described as:

The value today in cash equivalent terms of all expected future cash flows (or benefits) of the business forecasted or estimated over an indefinite time period into perpetuity that have been discounted to the present value dollars at an appropriate discount rate (which takes into consideration the riskiness of the projected cash flows of the business relative to alternative investments.) 

Based on the foregoing, I should get 50% of Marc’s 50%. That means if Marc is entitled to 2,500,000,000 of the value of Sun Capital Partners, then my divorce settlement should look like this: 50% of 2,500,000,000 or $1,250,000,000. Plus the $100,000,000 that Marc so generously offered me. So we are looking at a divorce settlement for moi of $1,350,000,000 – at a minimum.
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