FLORIDA: Sun Capital Partners is equity firm of the year, 2009 but will Lisa Leder (Marc Leder’s wife) get an equity stake in the divorce?

Sure Sun Capital Partners was the hottest firm in Boca Raton in the 90’s but they’ve been laying off people and having serious cash flow problems. That makes me worry for Lisa Leder wife of Marc Leder who holds 50% equity stake in the company. Lisa says the company is worth in the hundreds of millions. But Marc has offered her just $100 million in settlement and he says this will make her one of the “richest women in Florida” if she takes it. At first, I thought Marc was cheap skating his soon to be ex wife. But after reading up on Sun Capital’s cash flow problems (don’t blame Madoff cause they didn’t put a significant stake with Bernie) I am not sure that it is realistic for Lisa to play hardball. But then again, maybe she should get a professional valuation done on the company. Actually, not maybe. It is imperative that she does that. Because even if the value may have tanked in recent years on account of the financial crisis, the future value of the company could be quite sound. And that is the equity Lisa is going to want to tap.
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