Jude Law, hyper-fertile baby daddy and nanny-shagger will have a 4th child support payment soon

Bad boy Brit actor Jude Law will have to pay child support for 4 kids! He has three with his ex wife Sadie Frost (what a lovely name!) whom he divorced in the 90’s; and now, his ex girlfriend is preggers. He has vowed to support the child. I like the fact that he didn’t publicly declare he wanted a paternity test first before supporting the child. He could have said that, and he certainly should get one. But what bad form to publicly say that. Eddie Murphy did that with his ex Spice Girl girlfriend Melanie whatever. And it was so embarrassing. So uncouth. So ungentlemanly. I came away thinking I could never look at another Eddie Murphy movie again. Cause he suddenly wasn’t funny. You know? He suddenly was just another “ugly” man. I was like, ewwww!!!!
But Jude is being a gentleman about it. Although, as his counsel, I would advise a quiet DNA test when the child is born so that he is absolutely sure that the fourth child support payment is really his legal responsibility….I wonder if he will fight for custody of the child? That way he can avoid the child support payments altogether….pretty smart maneuver for guys who don’t want to pay their ex’s to live off the largesse of their hard work all in the name of them paying to support their illegitimate spawn, assuming they win the custody case that is.
But barring that, Jude is looking at over 33% of this adjusted gross income he will be paying out for those four kids in the aggregate. At least in New York, that’s about what he’d be facing. (Although the rules are not so clear cut for folks earning over $80,000. So he could pay less than 33% as I am sure he makes considerably more than $80,000 per year.)