Michael Jackson's (MJ'S) mom Katherine Jackson wins custody of the kids

The best woman has won! Michael Jackson’s mom Katherine Jackson and Debbie Rowe have reached an “out of court” agreement about the children. Reports are they are to have a child psychologist facilitate the integration of Rowe into their lives. She is to have “liberal” visitation rights. I think that is the best result for this particular case.
Course, I worry about the liberal visitation to Rowe and Katherine’s advanced age. Cause when Katherine dies, Rowe will be able to establish that she has a relationship with the children and may again challenge custody. If this is about her love for her kids, I don’t mind. But the minute I start to hear money being brandished and settlement demands/offers that are pecuniary in nature? I get sick.
For now, good. Grandma Katherine has custody. Let’s hope Katherine lives another eight to ten years. At which point, the kids will be out of “custody” range as they can even declare themselves emancipated adults and so Debbie and her lawyers can’t come in and make any deals or demands that involve money whether they call it child support or the very cute “euphemism”, “spousal support.” I mean, I heard she wants to continue “spousal support” and I thought to myself, “spousal support? Darling, you don’t get that after your spouse dies. There ain’t no leverage there.”
So…whatever. For now, I like it. Katherine gets custody. Just the way MJ wanted.