Nigerian woman, Oyindamola, a Queens resident, pours hot water over husband's privates. He wants a divorce

My friend “K” had her heart broken by a Nigerian over twenty years ago. (Her first love) Since then, she has absolutely hated all Nigerians and none have ever stood a chance of getting the time of day from her. I mean, she doesn’t even like their friends. When she heard the story about the Queens woman who poured hot water over her sleeping husband, I’m embarrassed to report that K thought what the woman named Oyindamola did was just fine.
Well. What can I say? I know what she went through with the Nigerian and so I forgive her. But I can’t condone this hot-water-pouring-onto-the-privates thingy. I mean, what Lorena Bobbitt did (cutting it off and throwing it across the lawn) that I can wrap my head around. That I can see a woman being driven to by a cheating spouse. That, while I hope I never lose my mind to that extent, I can even forgive and defend. But to pour hot water over a man’s dingy while he is asleep? That’s a lot of premeditation. That takes work. I mean, she has to boil the water. While the water is boiling she has time to cool down and change her mind. After she boils the water, she then has to walk from the kitchen to the bedroom. More time to cool down. Then she has to walk up to him quietly so he does not awake. Then she has to tip the pot and pour….I don’t know. I don’t think I can defend that. Bobbitt on the other hand, just acted. He cheated. She raced to the kitchen in a blind rage, took a knife and went at the thing with all she had. Then still holding it, she walked in a manic daze out to the fields and flung it across the lawn. You see the difference?
According to the New York Post, the Nigerian spouse (who says he hadn’t cheated lately) says he wants a divorce but he does not want to see her rot in jail. Ain’t he magnanimous?