Should people pay a tax to get divorced?

Divorce is the ultimate sin. Shouldn’t transgressors pay a “sin tax?”
People pay taxes on fat foods. They pay taxes on cigarettes. Why shouldn’t they pay a tax on divorce? What is more reprehensible from a moral and religious standpoint than divorce? Other than, maybe, fornication?
But how would it work? I don’t know. Maybe it should be pro rated according to networth affidavits. I mean, it could also be a fixed percentage or a fixed number.¬† So that all divorcees pay $500 in taxes in order to get the judgment. Or, instead, they pay 8% of their networth. Depending on what brings in the most revenues for the State. Yea. It would be a state tax as opposed to a federal tax.
It would help boost the economy. I mean, so many people get divorced each year. The revenues from a divorce tax could literally pay for medicaid for the poor or it could help fund social security. Or they could use it to finance stem cell research. Or something.