ALASKA: Anti-divorce Sarah Palin quits politics for her husband and kids

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out why Sarah Palin quit her job as governor of Alaska. The woman has had it with the pundits, comedians, politicians and detractors, and John McCain! Wouldn’t you, if you were in her shoes?
Plus, the woman has a family to protect. She has young daughters trying to grow up who make mistakes like everybody else. She has a child with down syndrome. She has a grandson who is, for all purposes, estranged from his teenaged father. She has a husband who likely is thinking about divorce because he can’t get enough alone time with his wife.
I would have quit. Are you kidding me? Phock dut. No job is worth my children and my husband being miserable. The media has been absolutely relentless with this woman since John McCain, in his desperate bid to be the next president, plucked her out of the Alaskan ice fields and asked her to be his vice-presidential running mate. Everybody has forgotten about John. But they haven’t forgotten about Sarah. And I am not even Republican. But I can sympathize with this woman because she was minding her own business trying to do her job as governor of Alaska and this man came and disturbed her peace and took her out of blissful obscurity and turned her life upside down. Then he and his campaign staff turned against her when things didn’t work out quite the way he planned, as if it is her fault he lost. IT WAS HIS FAULT HE LOST, NOT SARAH’S!
But look at the fallout for her kids. Poor Bristol got herself knocked up at eighteen and decided to keep her baby. What a crime. What a big, big crime. These are the same people who would have castigated her for ending the pregnancy. She stepped up and had her baby. Leave the girl the phock alone. Then we have grown men making sexual innuendos about the younger daughter, whatsherface? I mean, as a mother, this must just gall Sarah Palin to no end. These are her children! What mother would be happy with this nonsense directed at their kids when the kids didn’t ask for any of this?
Now, these nincompoops are talking about the fact that she quit to run for national office. How incredibly obtuse! I am not even a politician and even I can see that if that is what she planned to do, there is no way she would have quit as governor. She quit as governor because right now, being Sarah Palin and being in politics sucks. It sucks, folks. That’s why she quit. She wants to go back to private life and let them find another victim, somebody else whose family they can destroy.
I feel bad for her because I think she only gave them more ammunition. Once you are it you are it. And Sarah Palin is it. They are going to be all over this story like hungry sharks, believe me. It will be a feeding frenzy like you would not believe. Well, at least the Michael Jackson story is still hot. So some of the attention will be consumed by that. And the Sanford guy in South Carolina. He’ll absorb some of that unwanted attention too.
Still, they are going to analyze this move till there is nothing left. Sarah may need to move to rural Turkmenistan for about ten years to get them to forget about her and her kids. And even then, I’m not sure if they will.
Poor Sarah. I feel bad for her and her family even though I’m not Republican.
Originally published July 4, 2009
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