Jake Peavy divorces the Padres and hooks up with the White Sox?

The Jake Peavy Divorce heats up the Internet!
I am not qualified to write this article cause I’m not real sure who the Padres and White Sox are. But this guy’s name was on Google Trends today and I looked him up and saw he plays baseball. I think he was with the Padres and then they wanted to trade him due to the fact that he’s expensive and the owner of the Padres was going through an expensive contested divorce. I read this somewhere:

Trading a 27-year-old ace like Peavy would seem like the last thing a team that lost 99 games this year should do, but General Manager Kevin Towers really has no choice in the matter. Due to owner John Moores’ ongoing divorce settlement with his wife, Becky, the club is looking to cut payroll, and Peavy has the largest contract.

So that made it somewhat relevant to this blog. Then I read elsewhere that Jake exercised his waiver in May and blocked a trade, but now, he decided to divorce the Padres after all and marry the Chicago White Sox….it’s Chicago, right?

But yea. I figured since he’s number one on Google’s hot trends, I ought to give him a shout and get some hits on our divorce blogs even though I don’t know one damned thing about baseball. Cracks me up.

hahahahahahahahhahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂