MISSOURI: Lisa Payne-Naeger on Divorce and the home-schooled kid

Ms. Payne-Naeger and her husband Jeff are in the St. Charles Missouri Superior Court seeking a divorce. At issue, among other things, is Ms. Payne-Naeger’s right to continue to home-school the children. She has apparently been home-schooling them for several years, but now that they are divorcing, her husband wants them pulled from her jurisdiction, and placed in a private school.
The children in question are teenagers, a boy and a girl, 16 and 14 years old respectively.
The law guardian (the attorney for the children) wants the mother to submit to tests to test her competence as a teacher. I wonder why after nine years he suddenly decides that his wife is incompetent at educating the children at home? Why did he wait till now that they are divorcing to raise this issue?
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