Will Erin Andrews' boyfriend David Wright divorce her over video-gate?

Erin Andrews is a serious new reporter for ESPN who was secretly video-taped in her hotel room by an unknown perp. Now everybody thinks she is Paris Hilton and the distraction takes away from her professional accomplishments. Erin is understandably livid.
This can’t be good for her relationship with her boyfriend David Wright. The blond bombshell’s image is all over the Internet and stories about her dominate the chat rooms and blogs. Including divorce blogs and the chick isn’t even technically married yet, even though marriage has been seriously discussed. But as Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian prove, once a nude video of a woman surfaces, it seriously diminishes her wife-worthiness, and before long, she finds herself the victim of serial dating with a whole bunch of men who see her as just a shag-mate with a prestige (apple) posterior.
Her lawyer is threatening a lawsuit. But in the meantime, what is David going to do? Will he divorce Erin due to her sudden, unexpected notoriety? Or will he hang on a bit longer and enjoy the ride?