Sarah Palin's so called divorce

Rumor has it that Sarah Palin is divorcing her husband Todd, the alleged secessionistwannabe. All her aides and attorneys and spokespeople have come out and decried this as false. And I am inclined to believe them. Todd Palin is way too manly for a woman like Sarah to throw him back so easily. They don’t make em quite like that no more. I mean, can you see Todd carrying a girly hand-bag or wearing hoops? Speaking of that, have you noticed a lot of guys are much better at swinging their hips when they walk than a lot of women these days? What’s going on??? I think, (and I am very serious) that something is wrong with the birth control pills and the hormones in them and it is phocking up the entire male population and scientists, agriculturists and bio-ethicists¬†need to look into it before it is too late….I am willing to bet that Todd’s mom did not take a certain type of birth control pill, hence he is very masculine, hence Sarah will never divorce him.
I REPEAT: Todd and Sarah are emphatically not getting divorced. So stop crying wolf all in an effort to make something happen that would not have happened if you had left well enough alone.
But if they are, we will let you know by blogging about it ad nauseum….On second thought,¬†maybe we won’t. They are suing bloggers for saying they are getting divorced. Oh Lord Have Mercy!
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