Hulk Hogan and wife Linda Bollea: Dear Kids, we are getting a divorce but it's not your fault

I wonder if parents ever get divorced because of the kids? I am sure some do. But that was not the reason that the Hulk and his blond wife split. She apparently let her adolescent boyfriend drive their cars, and he has allegedly said that he “understands OJ.” And so, for a little while, they went to war. But a few days back they amicably came to a settlement and divvied up their $36 million in assets. Wonder where he got that much money? Has he had a TV show in the last 30 years? Or am I the one who’s been living under a rock? (totally possible.)
Anyway, Linda and Hulk want their children to know that it is totally not their fault. They both love their kids (I forgot both their names) and they will continue to co-parent them, even though both are pretty much young adults who do not need supervision. Well, at least the daughter doesn’t. The son seems a little restless.
But yea. Their kids are above the fray and neither parent will try to pit the children against the other parent, no matter what either of them does in their private lives. Which is nice. Wouldn’t you concur?