Is your divorce giving you a fat, bloated gut? Maybe you need a divorce colonic?

Something’s giving you a fat bloated gut? Are you getting divorced? It could be that. It could be the stress. It could be the stress is causing you to manufacture excess Cortisol. Have you ever heard of this thing? Cortisol? It’s something in the gastric areas of the body and specifically in the gut and when you are stressed out, it can bloat you up like nobody’s business.
Solution? Try to have an amicable divorce. Barring that, get regular colonics. And do crunches too.
No, I’m serious. I read this. About the cortisol and stress. And I put two and two together and then I remembered that Ben Affleck copped to getting colonics. And so did Princess Diana if I’m not mistaken. And probably Gwyneth Paltrow and VIP’s like that who like to get “clean” and get “detoxed.”  So I figured what is more toxic and “dirty” than divorce? Divorce is when a lot of people are at their very worse. So I figured I’d share the information about the cortisol and the colonics.
What, too much information? Won’t be the first time I’m guilty of that.  Just trying to share and to help. So don’t give me dirty looks.  🙂
OK….so remember….too much cortisol because of your divorce stress? Fat? Bloated? Get a colonic. And have yourself a  flat belly day!
PS. Congratulate me on this being my 1000th post on divorce saloon! Can you believe that? I have put up 1000 posts like this one. How many have you read, buster?